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  • AEROX 50
    Aerox 50 is the coolest 2-stroke sports scooter ever built by Yamaha. Its race-type R-series bodywork cuts the air like a knife and for super-responsive acceleration it runs with a liquid-cooled 50cc 2-stroke engine. The sports chassis and 190mm front and rear disc brakes make for sharp handlin..
  • FJR1300AE
    With electronically-adjustable suspension and upside-down forks, the FJR1300AE offers a superior ride. Its new 6-speed transmission gives faster acceleration and more relaxed high speed cruising - and the latest A&S clutch ensures smoother downshifting. The advanced suspension system enables yo..
  • MT-03
    The lure of the Dark Side of Japan grows stronger every day. And more riders are turning their backs on conventional models and coming over to one of the most exciting new movements in motorcycling. Yamaha’s dynamic MT-03 represents the new wave in motorcycle design. A sporty and versatile characte..
  • MT-07A
    The MT-07 is designed to bring fun, affordability and enjoyment back to the street. And just about everything about this versatile naked bike - from its deep torque through to the agile chassis and outstanding economy - make it hard to resist for both newer and experienced riders. The 689cc inline ..
  • MT-09 TRACER
    More than anything, the Tracer 900 is about discovering the meaning of freedom. It's your life, and what you do next is down to you. You want the ability to get up and go whenever you feel like it - and this versatile Sport Touring bike is ready to make things happen! Its torque rich, 3-cylinder en..
  • MT-09A
    Yamaha MT-09 is a radical concept in sport bike design. With a compact chassis and high-torque 3-cylinder engine, this performance machine is designed for riders who appreciate character and soul. The beating heart of this animal is a lightweight 850cc 3-cylinder engine that kicks out a wide band o..